Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy Centre

Courses in 2018/2019

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Continuous learning and skill upgrading are essential for therapists and health care professionals to be able to provide the clients with the latest and most advanced therapy services. From 2016 onwards, WELL has diversified into a new branch of services which is to host professional courses, workshops and talks catering to professional physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and all healthcare professionals here in Malaysia.

Renowned certified speaker(s) from both the local and international scenes will be invited to conduct their courses /workshops in Malaysia with full support from the Health Sciences Faculty of University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Present and future collaborations with many reputable foreign universities and international speakers also allow us to bring in more international courses to Malaysia.

Our vision is to create convenience and more chances local therapists who used to fly all over the world to attend courses and also those who were not able to attend international courses due to budget and time constraint.

In the near future, WELL will also host workshops for caregivers and clients themselves to learn about their conditions, simple techniques and handling for themselves or their family members, and also expose them to different kinds of prevention methods.

All courses and workshops hosted by WELL are fully handled by WELL ADV TRAINING SDN BHD, a company under the management of WELL.

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