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shoulder dystocia

How physiotherapy can help the baby with shoulder dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia can cause several complications to the baby. One of the common complication is brachial plexus injury. Physiotherapists can help the baby to overcome this complication through various ways such as:

  • Education for parents on the correct positions for holding, carrying, and playing with the baby
  • Gentle stretching to prevent contracture of arm
  • Identify games and fun tasks that promote strength of arm and hands
  • Repetitive training of the affected arm by using age-appropriate tasks
  • Use of electrical stimulation to gently simulate the nerve signal to the muscle and keep the muscle tissue functional




  • 教育家长们关于正确的抱婴儿以及跟婴儿玩耍的姿势
  • 温和的拉筋以防止手臂的萎缩
  • 鉴定可以增强手臂及手指力量的游戏及有趣的任务
  • 通过适合婴儿年龄的任务以重复练习受影响的手臂
  • 通过用电疗以刺激神经线传送信号去肌肉以及保持肌肉的功能

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