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Patient’s Testimonial

On July 2018, Miss T had met accident with car and was diagnosed with left tibia fracture. She had done operation on her left knee and this lead her had difficulty to perform daily living activities for example walking, climb stair and sit properly. At the beginning, she was not able to fully bend and straighten her left knee and need walking frame during ambulation.

After few months of physiotherapy sessions and exercise prescription from Miss Wee, now Miss T can bend and straighten her knee. She is very satisfied to be able to walk and climb stair independently. She is a very positive minded person and very motivated to continue all exercises at home.

在2018年七月, Miss T发生意外和被诊断左脚骨折,她经历手术后暂时不能自理比如正常走路,上下楼梯和适当的坐姿。当初,她的膝盖完全不能弯和直,需依靠拐杖。

经过数月的物理治疗和腿部运动,Miss T 现在已可以自己自由走动和上下楼梯。最重要是她能够上班。他是一个乐观的人也很积极的做运动。

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