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Patient’s Testimonial

Before the treatment:

Miss Wan came into the physiotherapy department with the diagnosis of right clavicular fracture and left patellar fracture. Her main complaint is pain over her right side of shoulder and left knee. Patient claimed that she couldn’t lift up her arm and unable to walk normally and couldn’t flex her left knee as well.

After the treatment:

After few months of constant rehabilitation at WELL physiotherapy center and house call services provided by WELL . Now patient is able to lift up her hand and walk normally. Her pain significantly decreases as well. She is very satisfied with the professional service given by Miss Vivian.



患者走进理疗科时,确诊为锁骨骨折及膝盖骨骨折。她主要抱怨是她的手臂及 膝盖在移动时会痛。同时,病人也抱怨说她无法举起手臂,膝盖也无法弯曲蹲 下。


在WELL理疗中心及提供的上门治疗服务进行了数月的物理治疗后。现在,病 人可以高举手臂及正常的走路了。她的痛也大幅度的减少。病人对Miss Vivian 提供的专业服务非常满意。

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