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4th June 2018 – MGBC Eco Power Run 2018

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. WELL Rehab Team glad to be a part of MGBC Eco Power Run 2018 which is with the theme of encouraging the Penang folks to stay green, fit and healthy. Our on site physiotherapists are on standby all the time in order to provide the first-line therapy to those participants who are injured during the run. It has been an awesome experience to get involved in this eco-friendly event. Protect nature and nature will protect you.

留我一片绿地,还您一个健康。WELL康复团队很兴奋的能参与MGBC Eco Power Run 2018,其主题是鼓励槟城人民保护绿色环境,建造一个健康的身心。 我们的现场物理治疗师感到很高兴可以为受伤的参赛者提供一线治疗。 参加这个环保活动真是太棒了。 保护自然而自然会保护你.


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